Use of dry ice in small business

Use of dry ice in small business
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What is Dry ice

Dry ice got its name for the main physical feature: under the influence of the ambient temperature dry ice bypasses the liquid state and immediately turns into gas. It does not smell and it is tasteless, non-flammable, non-conductive and colorless. Its temperature is 78,5˚ C. The cooling capacity of ice is almost two times higher than the one of water ice at the same temperature.

Fields of use

The Dry ice is used mainly in food industry and commerce for storing, cooling and transportation of frozen foods. The cost of the Dry ice cooling system is much lower than the cost of usual refrigeration system.

Ecological and unique physical characteristics make it possible to use the Dry ice in many areas:

  • Medicine. Cooling, storage and transportation of transplants and blood.
  • Construction industry. Cleaning of facades and different surfaces, cooling of the soil, removing of the asphalt, cleaning of artesian wells, dismantling of tiles and so on.
  • Aviation industry and Transport. Ready food is packaged into portions which are stored in special refrigerators where the Dry ice is used.
  • Entertainment. Creation of smoke for shows and concerts, various special effects, the dispersal of clouds, artificial rain, fog, bubbles.
  • Restaurants, Bars and Cafes. Molecular cuisine, carbonation and cooling of drinks, eco-vitamin ice cream.
  • Flower-growing. The Dry ice can cool the plants and retard their flowering, feed greenhouse plants.
  • Grain production. Slowing the growth of yeast.
  • Creating of pressure in the tanks. During the evaporation, the Dry ice expands in 800 times.
  • As an inert medium (replaces oxygen) for the extermination of rodents or removal of containers with flammable liquids or gases.
  • Mechanical engineering and other heavy industries: cleaning of the equipment and components, cold placement of parts, production of plastic kinds of stainless and alloy steels, aluminum alloys (annealed), for grinding, crushing and preservation of calcium carbide, for removing of excess of metal after forming.

The advantages of Dry ice

  • Absence of toxicity and environmental friendliness make it acceptable for use with any products;
  • Antiseptic characteristics: after the application of the Dry ice products will not rot, they are protected from bacteria and mold, the process of oxidation stops;
  • Easy to use: Dry ice loading requires only gloves to protect your hands and a scoop;
  • Efficiency: Dry ice allows to cool products and helps to reduce expenses for refrigerate facilities, and its correct placement saves space during transportation;
  • Full independence from electricity, unlike standard refrigerators. Dry ice does not require electricity. 

Foundation Victoria offers the introduction of high-tech import equipment as well as modern formulations and technologies that allow to guarantee high quality and complete safety of dry ice use both for human health and the environment.

Consumers of Dry ice in the Kaliningrad region are:

  1. Airport "Khrabrovo"
  2. Large meat processing plant LLC "Miratorg-Zapad"
  3. Entertainment shows ("Crazy Professor Nicolas", "Opener", etc.).
  4. Large fish-processing plant "Atlantis"
  5. Group of Companies "Intereteks"
  6. Restaurants, cafes, bars ("Tabasco", "Don Cento", "London", "Brix-pub", "Ashman Park", "Nesselbeck», Rent-a-Bar, and others.)
  7. LLC "Diesel-Energo"
  8. Large meat processing plant Group of Companies "Producty pitaniya" and many other businesses.