MIP LLC "Research Laboratory of Fossil Resins" (LLC "ILIS")

MIP LLC "Research Laboratory of Fossil Resins" (LLC "ILIS")
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The company LLC "ILIS" was established in 2015. The main founders of the company are the Kaliningrad State Technical University and the Foundation of Knowledge and Technologies for Small and Medium Business "Victoria".

ILIS specializes in carrying out applied researches, developing equipment and technologies for processing fossil resins, technical testing and certification.

The field of researches is fossil resins and, first of all, Baltic amber, which is a valuable raw material for obtaining substances that are in demand in such branches as medicine, cosmetology, agriculture, restoration and construction work.

To obtain amber components, technologies, based on the influence of electromagnetic and hydroacoustic fields on the material are used.

A number of technologies for processing amber have been patented.