Creating of stained glass window «DecraLed»

Creating of stained glass window «DecraLed»
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Foundation Victoria offers technology of creating amazing stained glass windows with ready stained glass kits. Combined use of stained glass films and lead tapes stood the test of compliance with the current safety requirements of ultraviolet radiation. Stained glass film is perfectly suited for use in single or double glazing.

Application of kits:

  • Windows;
  • Exterior and interior doors;
  • Public premises (offices, banks, shops, churches, apartments, houses etc.);
  • Walls;
  • Glass partitions;
  • Balustrades.

Stained glass window Decra Led stands any kind of climate whether it is heavy rain or extreme temperatures.

According to the technology Decra Led, stained glass is created on flat glass. Patterns and ornaments are created by sticking to the glass of a high-quality color film and a lead tape. Films and tapes of any color, shades and sizes are used during the process. This approach gives plenty of opportunities to the master.

The main feature of this business project is its simplicity and very low capital investments. In other words, anyone with an aesthetic taste, capability for handicrafts, as well as 850 Euro as starting capital may start his own business.

Time for training:

Beginner level - 3-4 days.