Cooperation between Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia in years 2013-2015 – difficult, but possible, with hopes for the future: Practical effects of project "Business in Małopolska - Partnership Network"

30 марта 2016

Project "Business in Małopolska - Partnership Network" has been concluded on 31 December 2015. The project was co-financed by the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Priority Axis 8 Interregional Cooperation, Measure 8.2 "Building the position of Małopolska in European Cooperation Networks." The aim of the project was to build the position of Małopolska in terms of its economic offer in partner countries and regions by many activities, e.g. establishing a network of economic representative offices. The project was implemented by the Małopolska Regional Development Agency, Małopolska Region, Knowledge and Technologies Foundation for SME "Viktoria" from Kaliningrad, the Baltic International Academy (BIA) in Riga and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lvov.

During the project, approx. 300 companies from Małopolska Region received regular information (24 newsletters) about current trade and business opportunities emerging in the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Latvia. Four group visits in Małopolska were organised for foreign companies and institutions. Moreover, the Economic Potential of Małopolska was presented during exhibitions held in partner regions. Despite the tense and unstable geopolitical situation (conflict in Ukraine, Russian embargo, EU sanctions), main objectives of the project were achieved, i.e. representative offices of Małopolska have been opened in partner countries: in Kaliningrad, Riga and Lvov. The representative offices, which are operated by Russian, Latvian and Ukrainian Project Partners, play the informational and promotional role presenting Małopolska region and helping its entrepreneurs interested in cooperation and finding business partners in countries and regions participating in the project.

Polish companies have been provided with information booklets/guides introducing the conditions for business activities in Russia, Latvia and Ukraine. Additionally a survey was carried out on the perception of Małopolska economic offer and the main expectations concerning Polish products and services in various sectors of the market.

Foreign partners of enterprises from Małopolska were provided with a business guide ("Małopolska Business Guide Book") presenting an overview of the most important regulatory information, principles of trade, labour, regional business and the possibility of applying for the EU support, available for entrepreneurs in Małopolska.

To achieve the targets of "Business in Małopolska – Partnership Network" project, a virtual network platform has been created This source of information became very popular, which was confirmed by nearly eighteen thousand "visits" on the project website.

During the project, 172 direct business contacts were established concerning trade (export, import), investments and creating new businesses.

The cooperation and transfer of experience between the project leader and project partners resulted in increased knowledge about the market opportunities in countries and regions participating in the project, strong cooperation between business environment institutions and establishing authorized sources of information on business offers in Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and Poland.

According to the conditions of the partnership agreement between the project partners the Representative office will continue its functioning on the base of Viktoria Foundation.

Representatives of Malopolska in Kaliningrad:

Oleg Matukevich (President of Viktoria Foundation)

Yulia Kandalova (Project Manager, contact person on Representative Office issues)

Tel. (4012) 777 155, extension number 312, 117

Prepared by: CeBiM Team


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