Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

Our Expert Committee is a group of professionals with a very wide range of knowledge who have agreed to exchange limited information with the Foundation in a non-commercial context. The knowledge of our experts is really the engine of our activity, since it is the network that provides value to technology owners who come into contact with the Foundation. In this way, our Experts are able to offer their services directly to the project principles as consultants or participants at the earliest stage of development. There is no financial obligation in the relationship between an Expert and the Foundation, instead, the relationship based on the understanding of the power of the network created by the Foundation to open new opportunities for all involved. If the project is succeed in the region, an Expert can become a consultant on salary bases.
The owner or an authorized representative of the owner of technology can present an offer to the Foundation. After signing a preliminary agreement (tag), we will forward the proposal for appraisal by our Experts Committee. General information that should be given includes the anticipated business model (franchise, lead representative, licensed manufacturer, etc.), and the terms of representation, if something other than exclusivity is offered. It is very important that a detailed description of the innovations, advantages, and peculiarities of the technology be included, and written for our Expert, who is someone with knowledge of the industry in question from the inside. We have a large base of Russian experts, and we are usually able to make an evaluation quickly. Please refer to our Technology Offer Form.
While the Russian market presents great opportunities for virtually all businesses, there are certainly sectors which are undeserved and which can be safely expected to grow substantially in the coming years. In our region of Kaliningrad, the areas of greatest interest: Agriculture Food processing Energy-savings Ecology Small-scale manufacturing In addition to these sectors, it is notable that the Foundation has special interest in: Industrial cleaning
If you are the owner of an innovative technology, the Foundation for Knowledge and Technology for SMME can open the Russian market for you, using a special business model designed to minimize economic risk while safeguarding your know-how and intellectual property. By this model, after evaluation of your product or service, the Foundation is usually granted exclusivity to launch the product in the Russian market and a Russian business model is determined. A pilot company or joint project is carried out on terms decided on a case-by-case basis, usually after the location of an interested Russian entrepreneur. This business model is then reproduced throughout our network of associated foundations throughout Russia and its bordering countries. For private or non-commercial organizations or associations, the Foundation is an ideal partner for offering entry to the vast Russian market to your members or clients. By becoming our partner in your region, you make a very significant addition to your spectrum of services. Each company, each product, and each market has special requirements, so combining of local knowledge from our side and your side is critical to put together the right entry model. As a member of the Experts Committee, in exchange for assisting in preliminary evaluation of projects, you will be among the first to know new projects concerning your area of expertise. Priority is given to our Experts to participate in these projects, as consultants, partners, or in special capacities.