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  • Our Business Mission
    The implantation of modern technologies in the information security business
    Our Business Mission

Our projects


Our projects

  • Since 2009 till 2014 the Foundation Victoria functioned as a local chain of the Enterprise Europe Network, named Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – Kaliningrad (the brunch of the EEN - Russia).

    The project «Create4compete - Creativity for Boosting Competence and Competitiveness»


Successful Examples

Successful Examples

  • Members of the Expert Council determine the viability of projects, the possibility of introducing technologies in Russia, their profitability and payback.
    It does not smell and it is tasteless, non-flammable, non-conductive and colorless.
    Industrial dry ice cleaning is an innovative approach in the field of cleaning.
    ILIS specializes in carrying out applied researches, developing equipment and technologies for processing fossil resins, technical testing and certification.
    Foundation Victoria offers a new project in the field of distant learning of foreign languages implemented by the International Language School of Distance Learning ILES based on the use of modern means of communication.
    Foundation Victoria offers technology of creating amazing stained glass windows with ready stained glass kits. Combined use of stained glass films and lead tapes stood the test of compliance with the current safety requirements of ultraviolet radiation.

About us

Foundation of Knowledge and Technologies for Small and Medium Enterprises Victoria is a leading non-governmental organization in the Kaliningrad region (the Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea) in the sphere of support to entrepreneurship, small and medium business internationalization and technology transfer.

The Foundation is a part of the group of companies “Information Centre for Business INOK” working in the market of information services and technologies sience 1991.

The mission of Foundation Victoria is to contribute to the raising of the competitiveness of Russian SMEs using positive experiences and practices of foreign countries.

The Foundation`s approach is based on ground-level knowledge of the needs existing in the Russian private and public sectors — needs which can be met with technical solutions that have already been proven in a competitive economy.